For audition repertoire and lesson repertoire, can I choose music pieces which are not listed?

All classes have a list of audition repertoire and lesson repertoire given by each professor, but it is possible for you to take lessons with unlisted music of your choice.
However it is preferable to choose a work equivalent to the given audition and lesson repertoire.
Also, if you want to choose a piece composed by Japanese composer as lesson repertoire, please consult us in advance, because non-Japanese teachers may hesitate to give a lesson with it. (He/she may doesn't know the Japanese work or the work may be too new.)

For the audition repertoire I submit for application, should I include the whole movements? Also, can I apply with non-sonata works?

If possible, including all movements is preferable. But if it's impossible, it desirable to include at least two contrasting movements. (1st movement and 2nd movement. Or 2nd movement and 3rd movement)
You can apply with non-sonata works. Any works from the audition repertoire or lesson repertoire listed or equivalent works will be accepted.

For audition repertoire, is piano accompaniment required?

Please stick as closely to the musical score as possible in application. If it is difficult for you to arrange accompaniment or you have a unavoidable reason, please notify it to the academy office in advance.

When can I know if my application is accepted or not?

All participants will be notified in writing of their acceptance into the Academy in the middle of June. Please note that information on your acceptance is not available via telephone inquiry.

What is the time table of the Academy?

The overall time table for the Academy can be checked on the application guideline and home page.

I'd like to know (my/students') lesson time. Also, could I designate my lesson time?

Whether you are a student or auditor, please contact academy office. Students' lesson time is decided by the academy office. But if you have an unavoidable reason not to be able to appear in your lesson time, please contact the academy office in advance. It will try to adjust your schedule. However it affects other students' time, please note that you may have two lessons a day.

How many lessons are given to a student? How long is each lesson?

The individual lesson will be given for 40 minutes, and 4 times per student during the term of the Academy. The number of lessons will not increase or decrease for the academy's convenience.
However it will not be academy's responsibility when the number of lessons decreases due to student's own reason.

When I apply for the auditor course with flute, can I audit lessons of other instruments?

Of course, you can.

Can I take lessons with piccolo, trumpet, or bass trombone which I usually play only occasionally?

You cannot take all lessons with those instruments, but if you wish to take lessons with a such instrument, please contact the academy office.

Can I borrow music stand?

Every lesson room has a music stand, but it cannot be used for individual practice. Since there is no music stand available to lend to individual practice, please bring one with you. For those who forgot to bring one, music stands will be sold on the venue only on the opening ceremony day.

Are there any practice rooms?

There is no rooms you can practice privately, but there some rooms where you can make sound or practice. You can check their available time and place on the venue.
*Practice room's available time is subject to change.


Where can I buy a ticket?

You can buy tickets for concerts (excepting the Ensemble Concert) at Ticket Pia agency nationwide. Also music instrument stores in Hamamatsu city sell tickets.

When does the ticket sales begin?

Ticket sales is planned to begin in early May.

Can I buy a ticket on the day of performance?

Since ticket sales will end upon reaching the quota limit, it is recommended to buy advance tickets early.